Decay Wood Series

The shapes and patterns of these sculptures are mostly sourced from much smaller pieces of decaying and insect eaten wood or leaves I tried to pick samples where the patterns of organic decay have not yet overwhelmed the underlying growth patterns of the wood or leaf, so both the decay and the growth patterns can be represented simultaneously. The resulting shapes and textures are similiar to erosional landscapes, as the original samples were landscapes for the biological organisms that were hosting on the wood or leaf. This wall hung series of hand carved sculptures is made from laminated wood and was completed between 2006 and 2010. All the works are sealed and finished with furniture quality coatings.

Works from the Decay Series have been exhibited at the Elisa Tucci Contemporary Art Gallery, Riverdale, NY (2008) ; Art Now Fair, New York ,NY (2008); Haddad Gallery, Hudson, NY (2008), and the Affordable Art Show, New York, NY (2008).