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Remains Series

One of the most poetic aspects of life on earth is that after their death, many living organisms leave "remains" that provide nutritional material for future life or structural material for future function. This process of metamorphosis has always intrigued me. Recently, it has made me question how it applies to the human impulse to create, design and build things that are intended to outlive our own individual lives.

Over the last four years I have salvaged trees from my yard that either died from citrus blight or were uprooted by Hurricanes Matthew or Irma. I let the wood sit outside and host the various micro organisms that decompose the wood, but not long enough to destroy the cellular structure of the wood. Most of the wood used in this process were from fruit or nut bearing trees such as grapefruit, orange, pecan and japanese plum (loquat). After the process was completed, I dried and milled the wood for use in this series of artworks.

I have used a non yellowing and flat sheen finish to least disturb the coloration that occurred naturally from the activity of the micro organisms that were feeding on the wood.

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