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Metal Figure Series

I started this group of aluminum sculptures with the idea of combining wood with metal. As the work evolved from idea to object, the wood idea was abandoned because a different narrative began to come forward. The main source material for the imagery is the organic nature of human anatomy, but as the work became all metal I began to
associate it more with metallic and mechanical sources such as fishing lures, jewelry, science 

fiction, body armor and bionic joints. Instead of contrasting the wood with the metal, I became more interested in the contrast of the human anatomy with the material and narrative potential of the metal.

These works were made by bending wire and sheet metal over wood forms I created that are based on human anatomical scale of the rib cage

and the spine and a plaster cast of a pregnant belly loaned to me by a friend. I edited the shapes to reflect my ongoing interest in the
female and male form and the evolutionary process. 

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