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Wood Figure Series

2002 - 2006

These hand carved sculptures are based on the artist’s life drawings and photographic sessions with models from the Philobolus Dance Group. Many of the poses were improvisational on the part of the dancer/models. The images were edited and the resulting poses were chosen to suggest the contrasting sensations of tension/relaxation, aggressiveness/passivity, vulnerability/strength, and sensuality/ athleticism. This approach freed the work from a specific narrative and allowed the “body language” to speak for itself.

The work was made with attention to human anatomy, but some anatomical details have been exaggerated, altered or removed to work more expressively with the wood grain and to satisfy more sculptural concerns about the relationship of the object to the wall.  The finished works are an effort to work within the European Classical model while attempting to make intriguing interpretations of the human form that are also three dimensional and volumetric objects of interest. The sculptures were made from laminated eastern white pine and were completed from 2003 to 2006. The wood was sealed with a furniture finish which allows for a soft and uniform light to fall over the contours and surface of the sculpture. All the work is wall mounted.

This series was exhibited in groups shows at the Haddad Lascano Gallery in Great Barrington, Ma. (2004) and the Susquehana Regional

Art Show, Robeson Museum, Binghamton, NY. (2007). They were also featured in a solo show at the Winvian Resort in Morris, Ct. (2008).

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